Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sunday strolling!!


It's sunday, and the weather is so nice and sunny but it has the autumnal feel to it, which made me go for an autumnal sunday walk... and what can express autumn more than the deep burgundy color.

For today's outfit I went with the simplest of things with a plain shift dress and cute accessories and some nice chelsea boots which screams Fall to me.

Sunday strollin'

Outfit Details:

Bag: Mulberry
shades: Ray-bans
shoes: Topshop
Necklace: House of Harlow 1960
Hat: River island
Watch: Newlook
Tights: Hobbs
Iphone case: Coach

Hope You're enjoying your weekend as much as I did ;)

Stay stylish :)

XOXO, A Trend Breaker

Friday, September 19, 2014

High Voltage!

I don't know about you, but lately I've been so bored with monochromatic looks, (not that I hate or will ever do), but just a Little bored and wanted a change and a pop of color and what would make a better pop than the electric blue color..

I paired it with a pleated midi white skirt for a fresh and crisp look, and couldn't forget to add an edge to the outfit with the strapy Sandals and pyramids studs, and this combined leather-chain watch.

Fun night

Outfit details:
Shirt: Forever new
Skirt: Topshop
Earrings: Alexis Bittar
Watch: La mer Collections
Sandals: Bcbgmaxazria
Nail polish: Essie, I'm addicted
Perfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

XOXO, A Trend Breaker

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Camo Chic!

it's mid-week, and a lot of us if not all of us start to dream about the weekend, right??

I was so discouraged to go out today, but actually the weather was nice and made me wanna get my camo jacket out and style it.

of course your girl will never get bored with a nice white-tee, and a nice light wash ripped jeans...and from here the outfit went to accessorizing stage (which is honestly my Fave..)

I added a nice cognac purse and chunky heeled booties with some dainty jewelry, and neutral makeup with the nude lips and manicure..

Day out,

Outfit details:
Jacket: Current Elliott
Jeans: Vero moda
Booties: Steve madden
Purse: Vince camuto
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Lipstick: Lorac Alter Ego  
Sunglasses: Thierry Larsy

XOXO,  A Trend Breaker

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day to Night.

Being everyday on the run...we have to look presentable day and of course night, that's why I like to always incorporate my wardrobe with the most versatile pieces that can be transformed from day to night really easy.. and I can't mention "versatile" without mentioning the one and only JUMPSUIT.

A jumpsuit for me is not just a key piece, but more..It's a whole outfit and most importantly very very..let me add another very comfortable piece that you would live in it.

So, today I'm bringing y'all my own take on jumpsuit day to night ;)

For the day look:

As the jumpsuit is very simple in itself I liked to play with it, by adding the most comfy shoes ever "Tieks" in Leopard print that brings a playful touch to the simple all black outfit, and of course a big purse to take all the day's junk, Finally I accessorized with an edgy bracelet and layered necklace.

For the night look:

I went with black and silver theme, really simple but strong I love this combo so much and it's really time efficient especially if you're in a rush but still wanna look good.


Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: Topshop
Purse (Day): Tory burch Robbinson
shoes: Tieks
Bracelet: BcbGeneration
necklace: (Similar)
Purse (night): Chanel Boy
shoes: Alexander McQueen
Bracelet: Fiorelli

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sunny rosegold !!

YAYY for sunny days, so as the summer is quickly approaching, I thought I would go enjoy the nice sunshine, and have fun..

And of course, I can't forget about my outfit, so I paired quiet neutral & nude pieces with my favorite Rose Gold accessories...and seized the Day.

Sunny rosegold

Outfit Details

Top: topshop
Pants: GAP
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Hat: SummitHut
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff
Necklace: Bee Charming
Watch: Fossil
Phone case: Anthropologie
Shades: Forever21

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stay Happy..

Hello Trend Breakers, hope You're having the best time..

Today,  I wanted to share with you a little different topic, but It's How I personally try to stay happy, because we all know that for some being happy is so important, and hard at the same time because they just can't stop I figured that It might be helpful sharing a few of what can cheer me up if I'm feeling down..

  • listen to Your favorite CHEERING music/song.. we all know those people who have favorite song/music that are depressing, I gotta confess I'm one of them I love depressing music, it's in my nature, I can't help it, but when i'm not feeling the happiest, I have to look for the CHEERING songs that I like..don't listen to sad music when you're already not happy..

  • Go shopping A.K.A "Retail Therapy".. I'm not saying that you have to be a billionaire, so whenever you feel a little down, Go I'm saying that going out for shopping will actually make you feel a lot happier, even if you didn't buy anything, you can go window shopping or whatever, you can buy just a little thing that will make you cheer up.

  • Do something you enjoy..everyone of us knows exactly what they really like and enjoy doing, for some it may video games, maybe taking a walk, maybe even sleeping, Do anything that you enjoy and you're sure will make you happier.

  • watch a comedy Movie..Watch a comedy movie, preferably new and for a bonus: order your favorite Pizza and snuggle up , and have a good time, and forget all about what bothers you.

  • Have a Journal.. get a beautiful and cute journal or any notebook, and start writing, drawing, or Doodling, but try to express yourself, and reflect all your thoughts, feeling, and everything g that you're having going on your life and upsetting you.

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters." -Audrey Hepburn

Stay Happy and Enjoy Every SECOND of your life.

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What's in my Purse?!

Good evening Trend Breakers,

One of my favorite things ever is to know What's in everyone else's purses..( a little nosey, but who isn't?)..

So I decided today to show you What's in my purse, Hope you enjoy it..

What's in my bag?!

Well, First of all my bag that I use Everyday especially for running errands is this Brown medium cambridge satchel bag..

Now let's jump inside the bag (sounds weird..yeah I'm weird), a basic thing is my phone, and the case I have is this blush color from Ted Baker, and of course I have my wallet which looks like A 15 years old girl's wallet, but it's actually mine, and my makeup bag is Also a Ted Baker and I have my essentials which are:
  • plotting sheets from clean&clear
  • powder from Rimmel stay matte powder
  • Chanel mascara
  • L'occitane hand cream.. (which is so hydrating.. I'm in love)
  • Bath & Body works hand sanitizer
  • Dior Lip gloss
Finally, gotta have my perfume with me, and there's no need to bring my full size perfume (I probably have before and it crashed and ruined everything..) so I have Marc Jacobs Rollerball

and to protect my eyes from the sun, my sunnies that I have are Dolce&Gabbana, and I put them in a Henri Bendel case because it's more protective than the D&G case..

Hope you're enjoying your day and evening so far..

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Funday...NOT!!

Well, back to work...Happy Monday everyone.

Every Monday some may feel down and don't want to go to work, and they just wanna sleep..But others look at the bright side, for which, new opportunities and happy events may occur, between those and those..I just wanted to look presentable and happy even in my monotones.


So, today I went really simple with my outfit, monotoned with a pop of Color, just as simple as that...

Pencil skirts have been one of my favorite things for a while, and the white color is change and another take to the black ones, and I love it..

There's a rule,," If it's high-waisted, pair it with a cropped."- (No, No one actually said that, but I just came up with it, and It's true). 
so I had my cropped sweater which added a nice relaxed touch to the outfit, and for the pop of color I took this red purse and I think personally that this's such a classic and pretty simple outfit for work..

Today, I thought I would share some of my tricks for making a cropped top work for work..

Trick#1: wear a same colored camisole underneath your top and so you can move as you like without showing much skin..

Trick#2: instead of wearing actual cropped top, wear a light weight sweater and tuck it in your skirt, then pull out half-way so you're finished with a cropped-like top.

Outfit Details: 
Top: Mango
Skirt: Jane Norman
Shoes: Zara
Purse: Forever 21
Sunnies: CRAP
Necklace: Pacsun
Lips: M.A.C Viva glam 
Fragrance: Nina by Nina Ricci

Hope you're having a wonderful day so far..

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Into the Blues!!

Hi Trend breakers..I'M here again with another outfit post...

Today was kinda nice , so I liked to dress a little light with less heavy layers, i went out today for a fun brunch, and had so much fun walk around, so it was quite peaceful day, and so i wanted to dress the same way..

Blue out

So, as a really casual day, I wanted to mix things, so I mixed this checkered shirt with white jeans and nice sandals, and a very little purse to carry the essentials and of course, it can't be me if I forgot about Accessorizing, so I went all sparkly and feminine to break the masculinity of the shirt..

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Zara
Pants: Hollister
Sandals: Tory Burch
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 
Jewelry: H&M
Nail Polish: Essie Resort Fling
Lips: Cailyn tinted lip balm in Bubble Gum
Hair: had it up in a hair donut from Accessorize

Hope Y'all had a peaceful weekend, and ready for the Work...

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Friday, April 25, 2014

Casual Working Day!

Happy Friday TrendBreakers, Hope y'all had a productive week so far...

I like to dress A little casual on fridays, because you know it's much easier and Comfier, but it can't be anything less glamorous or not fun..

So today I'm gonna show you my take on a casual working day outfit idea,, (or what i would normally go for..)

Casual working day

First of all, on a casual working day, I would appreciate it if I gave my feet some rest from heels and tiring shoes, so I went for a super duper comfortable Oxfords, that almost feels like a trainers..
and I wanted to draw the attention of this outfit on the pants, super glamorous (HUH?)..they keep the office professional look with a bit of a twist, which makes the look more fun and relaxed.

of course, I had to pair it with a stable item, and here it's that fab grey Jumper that ties the whole look together, without overpowering..and I keep it pretty preppy with my purse, Glasses, the white pearl earrings, and finally the Watch (Which is a classic for me).

Surly, I had to keep my make-up super natural and settle, because honestly I don't like too much and overwhelming make-up to work, (For me it just not professional), plus who has the time??

Finally, you can't be a common white girl, without your starbucks, (Ain't I right?? LOL), but really you have to stay awake to cease the day..

I really like the preppiness of this outfit and how it's tied up all together, and seriously, this what I go for 90% of the time..

Outfit Details:
Jumper: Topshop
Pants: J.crew
Pearl earrings: Henri Bendel
Glasses: Tom Ford
shoes: Splendid
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Purse: Tory Burch
Fragrance: Kate Spade Live Colorfully

Hope you have a fantastic day, Followed by a wonderful Weekend...

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Belated Easter Everyone, I hope you all had an amazing one, and enjoyed your time..

This year I went for an Easter Egg Hunting adventure, and it was quiet, peaceful day, and I've enjoyed my time reuniting with my family and catching up, so it was so much fun and such a pretty day.

As for my outfit that day, I went for something that was really comfy & casual as well as dressy and festive and screams SPRING...

easter egg hunting

For this kind of outfit I started with a very festive floral print shorts and paired it with plain white T-shirt and White converse, and a nice denim jacket in case it was chilly (yeah...the denim jacket was really important cause it got a little cold), and of course it wouldn't be an Easter without a cute Bunny ears, but mine aren't quiet bunny ears, but they did the job, and I can't go without a statement necklace, Cute watch, and a little cross-body purse that makes movement much easier for me...

Outfit Details:

Shorts: J.Crew
Shoes: Converse
Purse & watch: Kate Spade
Necklace & bracelet: Bauble Bar
Denim Jacket: TopShop
HeadBand: River Island.

Hope you had so much fun, and Re-Energized for your week...

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Ready: Natural egg coloring

Can you believe it, it's only 2 days till it's already easter, and with that being said, it's time for one thing only...(yeah, you totally guessed it right).

It's time to Grab your Eggs and start picking the theme colors for your Easter party..Except there is only one thing you hate coloring your eggs with yuckyy stuff, and of course you won't love to eat it.

So, today I'm gonna tell you the secret ingredients to color your eggs safely and naturally.

natural egg coloring

The ingredients above are all my favorites and they give me the right color pay off, and since I knew this trick, I've been using it every year on Easter's Day, so let's get started..

So, basically all you have to do is boil your eggs in water+vinegar, with one of the ingredients below to give you a certain color that you will like, and if you need darker color boil it more and for a pastel color boil it as you regularly do.
  • Turmeric...Yellow 
  • Hibiscus Tea...Violet
  • Red Cabbage Leaves...Blue
  • Green...Spinach
  • Black Tea...Brown
  • pomegranate seeds...Pink/ Red
Now time for a bonus Design/Trick to draw on your eggs with getting things messy, go online and search for cute Easter stencils and then print them really small, then get a double sided tap and tap on each stencil and then cut around the stencil's edges and put on your eggs before boiling it in colored water, and then remove the sticker after being boiled and chilled, And BAM a Rabbit on your eggs, 
I guarantee your whole family will like it...

Have A Happy Easter's Day,

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Ready: Make-up

Continuing on my Easter Ready series, Today I'm gonna show you a make-up idea for the Easter's Day...

For an Easter springy morning out, you would love to have fun make-up, but it must be so heavy, I would love to have a pop of color (preferably pastel) to give me that spring Vibe.

Easter ready makeup 

A good base for a flawless skin looking make-up start be applying your Day moisturizer, Then start Prep-ing the skin by applying this Maybelline Baby skin Instant pore eraser, and moisturize your lips, (I use EOS lip balm)..

Then for the Face make-up, On sunny days I prefer applying on  BB Cream that has SPF into it, so I use Dr.jarte BB Cream, now time to conceal those bags under the eyes with NARS concealer and for the blemishes I like the laura mercier darker shade, and the lighter shade for highlighting as a base..
to prevent looking overly oily, I like the dream matte powder that mattifies my skin like magic, then for bronzer, the Dior Nude bronzer is just enough for warming up my complexion, and gives me that summer glow, and this is time for my favorite product out of this all which is the Bobbi Brown Blush in Plum...and for my brows I think that Benefit Gimme brow is an easy one step that transforms the whole look of my brows..(in a good way of course).. 

It's Fun Time A.K.A Eye makeup time, I start off withy my NARS matte eyeshadow in Abbyssinia all over my lids, Then I'll take my darker color in my NARS South pacific eyeshadow Duo, and line my upper lash line and blend it really well, and then take the lighter color and put just a little bit in my inner corners, and with the Stila eyeliner, I'll make a very thin line over the eyeshadow on my lash line, then with a black pencil eyeliner I'll line my tight lash line, and then curl my lashes and apply the waterproof rocket mascara to give me the needed volume without smudging all over my face..

To Finish Off I'll apply a very light coral pink color on my lips using the Burjois-Duo in peach on the beach, and my nails are tie between butter London in Periwinkle Blue, and Essie in Romper Room, and Finally, Perfume in Viva la Juicy- La Fleur By Juicy Couture..

Hope You try it and like it <3

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Ready: Day outfit

Well, As Easter's day is approaching us really quickly, like do you believe it's already April??
(Neither do I..)

So, Today I want to put together a cute classy outfit for Easter's Day, and this outfit is not like most easter outfits, surprisingly, It's not a floral outfit, but it's mainly pastel, coral, and pretty settle with pop of brights...

As it's Easter, so I wanted to dress really nice, but still comfy at the same time, to go around and have lots of fun...

Easter ready1

I'll have this pretty pastel dress with butterfly print on it, which is so freaking Cute, and kept very simple with cream accents like wedge sandals, small cross-body purse that holds the essentials only, the accessories for this outfit is a white lace headband, and of course i have to include a light-weight cardigan for when the weather gets chillier...Easter makeup for me depends on the pretty glow and bright color, and the eyes is so natural with a pencil eyeshadow, and i don't like to put on harsh line eyeliner, I like to put brown which will look less harsh, finally don't forget to have sunscreen with you to protect you from the sunny sun, and the spray version is way easier, and FUN..

Outfit Details:
Sandals: JustFab
Purse: DKNY
HeadBand: Anthropologie
Cardigan: John Lewis
Watch: Anne Klien
Ring: Forever21
Shades: TOMS
Earrings: LC By Lauren Conrad from KHOLS.COM
Belt: ASOS
Perfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Monday, April 14, 2014

styling: The White-TEE

Hello Again Trendbreakers, I know i've kinda M.I.A, but here I am back again...

Today I'm gonna style the most essential item in every girl's wardrobe, and if this item is missing in yours...then better get you a nice (White-TEE), Cause it's gonna save you in lots of occasions/situations.

So, I know that it's so mainstream to talk about the white-tee, but trust me, it's important especially when you're late and you just can't think of any outfit suitable for the occasion...

I'll style for you 3 Different outfits using the white-tee and changing the looks in just a blink of an eye..

The white tee

casual outing with the girls..
So, you've been busy at work and then one of your friends called for a girl time, grabbing food or drinks, or need to look cute, effortless, and of course comfy.
Here I come with the casual styling of your white-tee, pair it with a medium washed pair of cuffed-up Jeans, and a pair of black stripy sandals that gives you that fabulous look, and for accessories.. Go for Gold chain statement necklace , and black clutch, then to finish off grab your red lipstick and support your black nails, and you're just the Fabbie Girl.

Dinner Date..
you're having a date, but you wanna look effortless, and that you didn't try too much, although you know you did ;)
So, I suggest that you pair your white-tee with a lace pencil skirt that is in girly and flirty color like the shown coral skirt, keep it simple with daisy necklace and ring, and for the purse, a nice blush color is just perfect and a nude stripy sandals to complete the look with sophistication, for the make-up I recommend to keep it n aural with blowy skin, and flushy cheeks.

Work Meeting..
You slept in last night, and you're having a very important work meeting, in which, you have to look presentable, classy, and professional, so what are you gonna do??
Well, the key to this look is to have a good tailored black suit (skirt/pants), and pair it with your white-tee and  your black stilettos, and your huge black purse, keep it super simple and natural with accessories and make-up and...ohh, you didn't spend more than 20 minutes getting ready.

The key to all these looks is to invest in a good quality essential and then your wardrobe is ready for any occasion.

Hope You're having super fun day/night where you are...

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Airy breezy outfit

Hello TrendBreakers, Happy 1st of April, or April's fool although it's not my favorite day, but Today is looking really cool and so spring-like, so I decided to go with this outfit as it's so airy and breezy and so comfy..

I went with the blues color scheme, because it's actually my favorite color and I paired it with plain White tee that ties everything up really well.

Airy breezy outfit

In the past I may or may not be the hugest fan of boyfriend jeans, but I was proved wrong the second I tried these bad boys on, they are the Gap distressed light wash boyfriend jeans they just look perfect, and I guess I'll be wearing themcklace:  Tons, (I don't know...)

As this outfit is super duper simple, I find that a bit of statement pieces here and there  will hurt nobody, so I got this beautiful statement necklace, and these adorable floral blue shoes (perfect, Right??...Ohhh at least for me).

For makeup I kept it simple with a little winged-liner and flushed cheeks and natural Glossy lips, and I can't forget the fragrance, which is the definition of this outfit {DOLCE & GABBANA light blue}

Outfit Details:
White-tee: Target
Boyfriend Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Gap
Necklace: Aldo
Watch: Asos
Hair ties: Marc Jacobs
Shades: Ray-ban
Bralette: Monki
Liner & lipgloss: Boobi Brown
Flushed palette: Urban Decay Naked
Nail Polish: Chanel les vernis in Bel-Argus
Fragrance: DOLCE & GABBANA in light blue

Hope your day is going well,

Stay Fabulous.

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 favorites

Well, It's me again trend breakers, and today is the end of March 2014, which's time for March Favorites, in this blog post, I'll include some of this month's favorites of mine, and tell you why they made it to my favorites this month...

March 2014 favorites

  • PHYTOJOBA hair mask: I've been using this mask over the whole month now, and actually I'm really happy with it, I apply every week as a deep conditioner, and it has done miracles to my hair, my hair is softer and shinier, and when curled it makes even bouncier, so I really would recommend this mask to everyone.
  •  CHI silk infusion: Maybe I'm a bit late on track with this product, but it's just because i thought it will be one of the regular hair serum, nothing too fancy and it's on the expensive side, but as it took a whole lot of hype I decided to give it a try, and see if it's worth, and by being here, it obviously means it "so worth the hype" i applied this product after shower and let it air dry, and it was so nice, it didn't need as many products as I usually put.
  • Bioderma: Which is a water-based cleanser, this product basically has done miracles to my skin, as my skin is very acne-prone so I'm very cautious about the products I apply to my skin, and this one could my the only thing that cleansed my skin and took all the makeup off without being so harsh and without drying out my skin, so basically it's a very gentle cleanser that actually cleanses with increasing your acne problem "win-win situation"...I guess.
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: This is a spot treatment that I use on huge active pimples, although it sounds crazy to apply oil on an active breakout (or oily skin in general), but it's known that tea tree oil is actually good oil for breakouts and acne prone skin, I can say that this does the job really well without being overly expensive.
  • The Body Shop Duo Body Butter in vanilla: i usually alternate between my body butters and that one in particular is my all time favorite, it smells so good and really warm scent, but what really gravitates me to it, is the duo thing with is like 2 body butters in 1, I use the very thick one on my elbows, knees and any part that is feeling extra dehydrated and the other one I use normally and i can just say that the scent is so heavenly.
  • Chanel Lipstick in Chayls: it's such a wonderful color, it's a coral lipstick that is not too bright or in your face kind of coral, It's so settle color, and goes along with everything, I just love it.
  • Steve madden loafers: Loafers in general are my all time faves but this exact one is Leopard and so comfortable, so it's for like: a comfy fashion statement for every day.
  • Cinnamon Chex Cereals: this is made for a really yummy breakfast, and most importantly easy and time-saver.
  • Pretty little liars season finale: I've been watching this show since it came out, but lately I wasn't impressed and wasn't so into it, until the season finale, it made it a bit better, so if you didn't watch go and tell me what do think about it..
These were my favorites for the month of march, if you had anything that made it to your top list for this month, please share them with me, and if you tried any of the above products tell me if you liked it too...

Have a happy April's Fool...

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring trends Vol.2

Hello there trend breakers, (or shall I say spring breakers??...LOL)
Continuing my spring trends series, today I want to share with y'all, the spring trends that I'm taking home with me and I think I will stick to them this spring.

So, my top 3 trends for this spring season, you may find popular, but they are actually amazing and all of them can look very flattering and can be dressed up, or down easily.

Follow the trend...

Trend #1:
"Two pieces ensembles"...this is actually a matching top and bottoms, it can be cropped top with pencil skirt of the same pattern, flawy top with fitted skinnies, can actually see them going around lately in different styles, that makes it good to make too many outfits out of 3 or 4 pieces, and the different styles of it makes it rather amazing because it will go with many body types, (you know, it doesn't require certain body shape that can wear this type of ensembles) this Trend is great YES for me...hope you try it and like it.
spring trends 1

Trend #2:
"pleats"...and to be specific here, I love maxi pleated skirts with side slits, it gives the whole outfit and settle bohemian look, that is just spring/summer appropriate, I also love pleats in dresses and I saw some tops with pleated details that also gives the outfit some extra vibe and Chicness.

trend 2
Trend #3:
"Varsity jackets" got it right, yes i mean those super sporty and casual jackets, they're actually making a statement this spring and they look much more fabulous and dressy, and of douse comfy and casual, they made the greatest mixture ever made.. chic & fabulous, yet comfy &casual.
what I like about them is that they come now in different patterns, prints, and even bejeweled, isn't that perfect??

trend 3

yeah, I guess this post wrapped up all my top 3 trends for spring, if you like it comment and follow me on bloglovin...Click here's all about the style...

XOXO A Trend Breaker 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Trends.

YES....Spring is officially here, and that would only mean one thing, which is pulling out all the spring clothes and experimenting with some trends in which what are we gonna break, and which to take ;)....

Today, i'm gonna be specific, and I'll begin with....TADADADA

Trends meant to be broken.

I'll include my main 3 trends that I think were meant to broken and sorry to all the designers but some of these trends I actually find a little off at least my style.

Trend #1:
"Running shoes on dresses"...yet it might sound a lot comfortable, but we all know fashion ain't about being comfy all the time, this trend is getting really high, but I'm sorry i don't think anyone would pull it on perfectly, and it won't look so good at the end.. This trend was captured in both Dior and CHANEL's shows, will it be seen soon on a red carpet?? Maybe...

Trend #2:
"socks with sandals"... Last winter shows made it clear that socks will have a great appearance in the next spring fashion shows, but wasn't expected to be as great. I actually don't feel wearing socks with sandals will do a statement in your outfit, I think it makes it look more undone and that you just rolled out of bed and grabbed whatever to wear.

Trend #3: 
"Dresses/skirts over pants"...Out of all the 3 trends, the one that I hate the most is this one, and If I can chose only one trend to break and smash into pieces, it would be this one, first, it's not flattering at all, second i don't get the idea from wearing skirts over pants, For me, this is the absolute Fashion Fail. 

All in all, I just want to address my opinion about certain trends, If you can pull any of these trends on, then Good for you, and that is your style, that suits you, but all I'm saying here is some trends may be so tricky, and not easy for everyone to wear, but this is the fashion  world, and that is the art of fashion....and your style plays the most important role in this world ;)

Stay fabulous

XOXO A Trend Breaker 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2.

Continuing my mother's day gift guide ideas, I'll feature today the second type or interest for mums, and that should be the mum with style, she may one of the trend breakers out there.

The Fashion Lover Mum..
The lady who brought up such a fashion freak, should have a crush on Fashion, so without further do let's see the Gift ideas for this type.

I want to start off with something that most of the women adores, (no, it's not Pizza), it's HANDBAGS...these things have such a great place in our hearts, so I would suggest Micheal Kors "Miranda" bag, such a unique blend for a trendy mum.

Miranda - Large' Genuine Snakeskin and Leather Tote

My second recommendation for a fashion lady would be a nice watch, like: the Marc By Marc Jacobs watch.

'Blade' Crystal Index Watch

Finally, i would like to add a gift that can be for both (mom & daughter), and that would be a nice 'Dogeared' mother daughter necklace, that will have such a sentimental value, and will be great that you wear it together and never take it off.
'Dogeared' mother daughter necklace
I'm not sure if they still sell this combo, but if they don't you might have to get two either the heart-shape, or the infinity, and be creative with wrapping ;)

XOXO A Trend Breaker

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide.

Hello Trend breakers, as you may know that mother's day is approaching the people who celebrate it on March 21st, so what do we need to do??  we need to come up with gift ideas that moms are gonna like. So, I thought I might have to do a mother's day gift guide series on my blog that will feature the different types of moms and the gifts that would suit her type.

So, today i'm gonna give you my ultimate gift guide ideas that I think are perfect for different types of moms, and also many alternatives to suite each one.

The beauty lover mom:
I'll start off with the beauty lover moms, and I have so many different alternatives for them, because as they tend to love everything beauty, she might be very interested in: makeup, skincare, and also perfumes- their favorite BTW...
for the skincare, i would suggest getting a set of Anti-aging skincare line of the brand she really likes, or a very well-known one that makes her happy about it, like this Lancome Renergie lift multi-action, that is known to be one of the best anti-aging skincare line.
for makeup, I would suggest to get her the Chanel LE NATUREL TRAVEL SET, which comes in a bag that includes a foundation, lip Gloss, and mascara (ohhh i wish i was a mom....jkin')

for the last category, perfumes, I highly recommend a perfume that she already likes. or something that you know for sure, she will love, so for my choice, i picked the Valentina By Valentino Perume, it's such a warm yet very sweet scent, that i really like. 
That was the beauty lover moms gift guide, I hope you liked it, and if your mom is not a beauty lover then, stay tuned for my next blog that will feature another type of moms and gifts for them.

XOXO A Trend Breaker 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The 13 Days Diet !!

(The 13 days) Diet, it's actually a diet that i saw awhile ago taking the hype on the internet, and if you didn't hear about it, then you can know it all here :D

First, I'll start the whole story from the beginning with you all, I've been going on healthy diets and balanced nutritional diets for a very long time, which in turn didn't make me lose weight anymore cause my body got used to it, and I no longer lose weight, so I started searching through the internet for a diet that can make me lose much weight faster and in a shorter period of time, ( which BTW is very harmful for your body and not that helpful or even beneficial..).
So, I found this diet and a lot were talking about and said that they lost so much weight, so i gave 
it a try.

Let's first see what it claimed that it will change the metabolism and if you don't know what is the metabolism??, the metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical transformations within the cells of living organisms, that actually burns your calories...(kinda off), and also it's supposed to make you lose up to 15 lb. to 20 lb. -which is a lot- and every girl's dream (duhhh), so i did it.

and this is the diet plan:

NOW, it's review time....
Sadly this diet was not as expected at all it was hard and really not nutritional, at the end of each day I would feel really dehydrated and uncomfortable the despite the huge amount of water that I did drink,  and i would just feel so angry and nervous for no obvious reason ( and i know this may happen in a lot of diets but that one was horrible) to the claims that you will lose up to 20 lb. this didn't happen, and i lost nearly 8 lb. knowing that i was dying and i didn't cheat even for a gum -which i needed badly- but that's ok as long as it will change my metabolism rate and will make it higher and so i won't put much weight on after finishing off with this diet. well, this was the biggest LIE ever, my metabolism rate didn't go higher or anything.

 To end my hating thing on this diet, i would say that you should stick to a good diet, that won't put you on a starvation mode, and just eat healthy and exercise at least 3 times a week, but never ever, go to such a fad diet, that makes you lose nothing but your temper.
Stay healthy & safe. <3
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Polaroid preppiness

Hello Trend Breakers, today i'm gonna show you my outfit, i felt that today was getting warmer and spring-like weather, so i thought i would get my polaroid camera and go out and enjoy the sun, who doesn't miss the sun??!!
i thought i would channel my inner preppiness with a J.Crew sweater that was so light weight  and comfy and paired it with white skinny jeans, and can't forget my platinum jack Rogers that were made specifically for that kind of outfit ;)

Polaroid preppiness

Sweater- J.Crew
skinny jeans- Riverisland
Sandals- Jack Rogers
Purse- Tory Burch
Sunnies- Aviators by Ray-Ban

XoXo  A Trend Breaker

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Office casual

Office casual

Office casual by sarah-mini showing how to wear a black skirt
Don't you think that a black pencil skirt is an office attire stable??? Well you're right, but today I'm gonna style my black pencil skirt to be a more casual looking than the usual formal looking, so I wore it with a cropped sweater with slimming vertical stripes, and super high yet comfy platform sandals that transforms the look to a very casual one immediately.
Of corse, I can't forget a bout the pop of color so I paired my outfit with the new Rebecca minkoff tote in mint, which made the outfit more spring-like.
Cropped sweater-mango
Purse-Rebecca minkoff
Platform sandals-topshop