Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Trends.

YES....Spring is officially here, and that would only mean one thing, which is pulling out all the spring clothes and experimenting with some trends in which what are we gonna break, and which to take ;)....

Today, i'm gonna be specific, and I'll begin with....TADADADA

Trends meant to be broken.

I'll include my main 3 trends that I think were meant to broken and sorry to all the designers but some of these trends I actually find a little off at least my style.

Trend #1:
"Running shoes on dresses"...yet it might sound a lot comfortable, but we all know fashion ain't about being comfy all the time, this trend is getting really high, but I'm sorry i don't think anyone would pull it on perfectly, and it won't look so good at the end.. This trend was captured in both Dior and CHANEL's shows, will it be seen soon on a red carpet?? Maybe...

Trend #2:
"socks with sandals"... Last winter shows made it clear that socks will have a great appearance in the next spring fashion shows, but wasn't expected to be as great. I actually don't feel wearing socks with sandals will do a statement in your outfit, I think it makes it look more undone and that you just rolled out of bed and grabbed whatever to wear.

Trend #3: 
"Dresses/skirts over pants"...Out of all the 3 trends, the one that I hate the most is this one, and If I can chose only one trend to break and smash into pieces, it would be this one, first, it's not flattering at all, second i don't get the idea from wearing skirts over pants, For me, this is the absolute Fashion Fail. 

All in all, I just want to address my opinion about certain trends, If you can pull any of these trends on, then Good for you, and that is your style, that suits you, but all I'm saying here is some trends may be so tricky, and not easy for everyone to wear, but this is the fashion  world, and that is the art of fashion....and your style plays the most important role in this world ;)

Stay fabulous

XOXO A Trend Breaker