Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide.

Hello Trend breakers, as you may know that mother's day is approaching the people who celebrate it on March 21st, so what do we need to do??  we need to come up with gift ideas that moms are gonna like. So, I thought I might have to do a mother's day gift guide series on my blog that will feature the different types of moms and the gifts that would suit her type.

So, today i'm gonna give you my ultimate gift guide ideas that I think are perfect for different types of moms, and also many alternatives to suite each one.

The beauty lover mom:
I'll start off with the beauty lover moms, and I have so many different alternatives for them, because as they tend to love everything beauty, she might be very interested in: makeup, skincare, and also perfumes- their favorite BTW...
for the skincare, i would suggest getting a set of Anti-aging skincare line of the brand she really likes, or a very well-known one that makes her happy about it, like this Lancome Renergie lift multi-action, that is known to be one of the best anti-aging skincare line.
for makeup, I would suggest to get her the Chanel LE NATUREL TRAVEL SET, which comes in a bag that includes a foundation, lip Gloss, and mascara (ohhh i wish i was a mom....jkin')

for the last category, perfumes, I highly recommend a perfume that she already likes. or something that you know for sure, she will love, so for my choice, i picked the Valentina By Valentino Perume, it's such a warm yet very sweet scent, that i really like. 
That was the beauty lover moms gift guide, I hope you liked it, and if your mom is not a beauty lover then, stay tuned for my next blog that will feature another type of moms and gifts for them.

XOXO A Trend Breaker