Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Ready: Natural egg coloring

Can you believe it, it's only 2 days till it's already easter, and with that being said, it's time for one thing only...(yeah, you totally guessed it right).

It's time to Grab your Eggs and start picking the theme colors for your Easter party..Except there is only one thing you hate coloring your eggs with yuckyy stuff, and of course you won't love to eat it.

So, today I'm gonna tell you the secret ingredients to color your eggs safely and naturally.

natural egg coloring

The ingredients above are all my favorites and they give me the right color pay off, and since I knew this trick, I've been using it every year on Easter's Day, so let's get started..

So, basically all you have to do is boil your eggs in water+vinegar, with one of the ingredients below to give you a certain color that you will like, and if you need darker color boil it more and for a pastel color boil it as you regularly do.
  • Turmeric...Yellow 
  • Hibiscus Tea...Violet
  • Red Cabbage Leaves...Blue
  • Green...Spinach
  • Black Tea...Brown
  • pomegranate seeds...Pink/ Red
Now time for a bonus Design/Trick to draw on your eggs with getting things messy, go online and search for cute Easter stencils and then print them really small, then get a double sided tap and tap on each stencil and then cut around the stencil's edges and put on your eggs before boiling it in colored water, and then remove the sticker after being boiled and chilled, And BAM a Rabbit on your eggs, 
I guarantee your whole family will like it...

Have A Happy Easter's Day,

XOXO A Trend Breaker