Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring trends Vol.2

Hello there trend breakers, (or shall I say spring breakers??...LOL)
Continuing my spring trends series, today I want to share with y'all, the spring trends that I'm taking home with me and I think I will stick to them this spring.

So, my top 3 trends for this spring season, you may find popular, but they are actually amazing and all of them can look very flattering and can be dressed up, or down easily.

Follow the trend...

Trend #1:
"Two pieces ensembles"...this is actually a matching top and bottoms, it can be cropped top with pencil skirt of the same pattern, flawy top with fitted skinnies, can actually see them going around lately in different styles, that makes it good to make too many outfits out of 3 or 4 pieces, and the different styles of it makes it rather amazing because it will go with many body types, (you know, it doesn't require certain body shape that can wear this type of ensembles) this Trend is great YES for me...hope you try it and like it.
spring trends 1

Trend #2:
"pleats"...and to be specific here, I love maxi pleated skirts with side slits, it gives the whole outfit and settle bohemian look, that is just spring/summer appropriate, I also love pleats in dresses and I saw some tops with pleated details that also gives the outfit some extra vibe and Chicness.

trend 2
Trend #3:
"Varsity jackets" got it right, yes i mean those super sporty and casual jackets, they're actually making a statement this spring and they look much more fabulous and dressy, and of douse comfy and casual, they made the greatest mixture ever made.. chic & fabulous, yet comfy &casual.
what I like about them is that they come now in different patterns, prints, and even bejeweled, isn't that perfect??

trend 3

yeah, I guess this post wrapped up all my top 3 trends for spring, if you like it comment and follow me on bloglovin...Click here's all about the style...

XOXO A Trend Breaker