Monday, October 28, 2013

Beanies, Baby.

Beanies, Baby.

Beanies, Baby. by sarah-mini featuring DKNY

Now that is autumn and we need comfy and casual yet chic and elegant look, that's why we are featuring the beanies today, beanies are one of the clothing items that takes the attention, and you can build your whole outfit on it.

Start with your favorite beanie and style your outfit around it with basics, like shown here:
1- basic V-Neck black tee
2- basic beige pants
3- Rain Boots (depends on where you live) ;)

then, keep it warm with flannel shirt or a cargo jacket.
Don't forget the most important rule, which is to ACCESSORIZE, now time for a little bit of mascara and your signature scent and you did glam your Beanie up ;)
XOXO ATrend Breaker ;)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween alert: the great and powerful OZ

the great and powerful OZ

the great and powerful OZ by sarah-mini featuring a red blazer

who doesn't want to scream classy and fab at the same time on halloween?? of course everyone does.
so, to get that classy yet fabulous look by looking at the great and powerful oz and get an inspiration from Mila Kunis character because her look was so simple and basic in any closet, so you won't have to spend lots of money on a custom that you'll probably wear for a couple of hours..
just get good high waisted faux leather pants pair it with sheer white blouse and a burgundy blazer and flappy hat, and VOILLA. 
You now look glamorous and ready to hit your Halloween party.
XOXO A Trend Breaker.

In your Closet: Cozy Fall

it's Fall trend breakers, and this only means that it's cozy sweater weather, today I am going to talk to you about your fall stables of this year.
Cozy Fall

Cozy Fall by sarah-mini featuring Essie
In fall/Autumn (as you would like to call it), you can't go wrong with a cream chunky sweater that will keep you warm, and never forget your pair of brown tall boots, they are the most fashionable stable in the fall and winter, and to be comfy..Don't forget to wear your favorite pair of thick leggings and you will instantly feel like you're in your comfy pj's.

Now, it's time to glam your look up and put your burgundy lipstick and nail polish, pair it with a warm sexy scent and you will have a complete fall wardrobe that won't let you down..


XOXO   A Trend Breaker.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Alert: little minion custom

who doesn't want to look cute and innocent on a halloween night, so let's start a fun DIY project on the most loved despicable me characters: THE MINIONS.

little minion

What you will need:
1-denim romper, preferably dark wash.
2-yellow long-sleeve top.
3- yellow tights.
4- black leather combat boots and gloves.
now is..playing time, get to do your minions' goggles just by:
getting an elastic measure it to your head and get your two bottle caps and spray paint them silver, all you're gonna do now is GLUING, you will glue everything together, wait for them to dry, and VOILLA your minion custom is ready, and you will rock a fun halloween night.
XOXO ATrend Breaker.

Halloween Alert:The Sexy Black Swan

The Sexy Black Swan

looking for a last minute halloween custom, and of course it should be glamorous as you are, then the sexy black swan custom is made for you, all you have to find is:
1- A feathery little black dress.
2- Dark matt lipstick.
3- Pair of Glam heels.
4- Smoky eyeshadow.

And, don't forget to play with a really opaque white powder and you're done..

Now you're ready to rock your last minute halloween party like you was planning for it.

For more Glam add a feathery Bolero, and you're good to GO.

XOXO A Trend Breaker 


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