Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Alert: little minion custom

who doesn't want to look cute and innocent on a halloween night, so let's start a fun DIY project on the most loved despicable me characters: THE MINIONS.

little minion

What you will need:
1-denim romper, preferably dark wash.
2-yellow long-sleeve top.
3- yellow tights.
4- black leather combat boots and gloves.
now is..playing time, get to do your minions' goggles just by:
getting an elastic measure it to your head and get your two bottle caps and spray paint them silver, all you're gonna do now is GLUING, you will glue everything together, wait for them to dry, and VOILLA your minion custom is ready, and you will rock a fun halloween night.
XOXO ATrend Breaker.