Monday, October 28, 2013

Beanies, Baby.

Beanies, Baby.

Beanies, Baby. by sarah-mini featuring DKNY

Now that is autumn and we need comfy and casual yet chic and elegant look, that's why we are featuring the beanies today, beanies are one of the clothing items that takes the attention, and you can build your whole outfit on it.

Start with your favorite beanie and style your outfit around it with basics, like shown here:
1- basic V-Neck black tee
2- basic beige pants
3- Rain Boots (depends on where you live) ;)

then, keep it warm with flannel shirt or a cargo jacket.
Don't forget the most important rule, which is to ACCESSORIZE, now time for a little bit of mascara and your signature scent and you did glam your Beanie up ;)
XOXO ATrend Breaker ;)