Sunday, October 20, 2013

In your Closet: Cozy Fall

it's Fall trend breakers, and this only means that it's cozy sweater weather, today I am going to talk to you about your fall stables of this year.
Cozy Fall

Cozy Fall by sarah-mini featuring Essie
In fall/Autumn (as you would like to call it), you can't go wrong with a cream chunky sweater that will keep you warm, and never forget your pair of brown tall boots, they are the most fashionable stable in the fall and winter, and to be comfy..Don't forget to wear your favorite pair of thick leggings and you will instantly feel like you're in your comfy pj's.

Now, it's time to glam your look up and put your burgundy lipstick and nail polish, pair it with a warm sexy scent and you will have a complete fall wardrobe that won't let you down..


XOXO   A Trend Breaker.